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Hunched Over Screens: Why Are Our Shoulders Suffering?

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In recent years, we have witnessed a significant rise in the prevalence of rounded shoulders, a condition that has almost become an epidemic in our increasingly digital world. This postural issue is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a health concern that often leads to discomfort and pain, particularly in the upper back and neck. The root cause of this problem can be traced back to our modern lifestyle, dominated by long hours spent on smartphones and computers. These activities encourage a forward-leaning posture, leading to the rounding of the shoulders and subsequent strain on the upper back and neck.

The Misconception About Muscle Tightness and Pain

At Nola Stretch and Recovery in New Orleans, we often confront a common misunderstanding related to this issue. It’s a widespread belief that tight muscles are necessarily short, but this isn’t always the case with upper back and neck pain. The real problem often lies with the pectoral muscles (pecs) and internal rotators of the shoulder. When these muscles become tight due to poor posture and lack of movement, they contribute to the forward pull of the shoulders, creating a rounded appearance and placing excessive strain on the neck and upper back muscles.

Focusing on the Pecs: A Key to Alleviating Tension

Here at Nola Stretch and Recovery in New Orleans, we emphasize the importance of focusing on the pecs and internal rotators. Our goal is to lengthen these muscles and create space in the chest area. This approach is crucial in releasing the tension in the neck and upper back and contributes to a more balanced and aligned posture. Our stretching and strengthening exercises, a core component of our fascial stretch therapy, target the pecs to improve the condition. These exercises are designed to open up the chest and counteract the forward pull on the shoulders, reducing the strain on the upper back and neck.

Nola Stretch and Recovery practitioner in New Orleans demonstrating shoulder pain causes and solutions to a patient.

The Desired Outcome: Feeling Open and Standing Taller

The ultimate aim of addressing rounded shoulders through fascial stretch therapy in New Orleans is to help individuals feel more open and stand taller. This is not just about physical relief but also about improving overall well-being. When the tension in the upper back and neck is released, and the shoulders are realigned, individuals often experience a sense of openness and an increase in height. This physical change can lead to improved confidence and a positive impact on mental health. The journey to correcting rounded shoulders is not just about alleviating pain; it’s about enhancing the quality of life.


At Nola Stretch and Recovery, we understand the underlying causes and focus on targeted exercises to effectively combat this problem. The journey towards a pain-free, open, and taller stance is not only about correcting a physical condition but also about embracing a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. As we continue to navigate a world dominated by technology, maintaining our physical health and well-being is important, and Nola Stretch and Recovery offers a path to achieving this.

Take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced posture, schedule your fascial stretch therapy session with Nola Stretch and Recovery today!

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